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Home Run Derby

Little League Home Run Derby games for Majors and Minors are also being planned, and will be at SRALL Andrews and Memorial Fields on Thursdays and Fridays evenings and some Sundays (schedule to be posted in late August).

A season ending tournament may take place on the final Friday (Nov. 3) of the season.

Home Run Derby Rules:

  • The Purpose of the Game is to earn the most points.
  • Points are earned both Batting and Fielding.
  • Each Game will be Single Elimination
  • For Tournament rounds, each team will have 1 chance to bat, and 1 chance to field.
  • Team captains will flip a coin at the beginning, winner gets to choose fielding or batting first.
  • The Team will bat the whole Lineup. (Up to 13 players):
    • After the complete team bats, the whole team will switch to Fielding.
    • Each Batter gets 10 pitches/swings. (coach loading the Pitching machine can add another pitch, if the machine doesn’t throw a good pitch)
  • Batting Teams. Points are awarded when ANY hit baseball reaches and touches the outfield grass, from the batting team, past the defensive, fielding team.
    • +1 point for any Baseball that touches the outfield grass.
    • +3 points for any Baseball that rolls into or bounces over the outfield fence.
    • +5 points for any Baseball that is hit Over the outfield fence. (Home Run)
  • Fielding Teams. Points are awarded for defensive plays:
    • - ½ point for any Clean Play to first base. (Within 3 seconds of baseball being hit)
    • - ½ point. For any caught pop fly ball.
    • - The Whole team will fill the field, to prevent baseballs from reaching the outfield grass.
    • - Managers can strategically Place fielders in specific locations.
  • Coaches on the field, will call out points, as they are earned to the scorekeepers.
  • Tournament speed rounds are played to 45 min max.)
  • Each team will provide a scorekeeper.
  • Winner advances to next round.


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